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The World’s First
Printed Beverage

Smart Cups' technology allows us to print active and flavor materials on the inside of the cup - which gives us the unique ability to deliver a precise mixture of ingredients in each beverage giving you a convenient jolt of focus when you need it.

  • 125 mg of caffeine energy boost without the jitters
  • With 0 calories and 0 sugar, it's a truly clean energy drink
  • Customize your beverage by mixing any liquid to Smart Cups
  • Ingredients will mix themselves, transforming the water into a clean energy drink


Keto and Whole 30 friendly with zero carbs per serving!


Eco-friendly - our cups are made from 100% plant material.

Energy Blend

Perfect blend of amino acids caffeine and B-vitamins.


Don't sacrifice your calorie count, Smart Cups has zero calories per serving.


Our Smart Cups won't cause any crash with ZERO sugar in each cup.


125 mg caffeine to give you a convenient jolt of energy.

How It Works

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Fill The Cup

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Watch It Transform

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Feel The Energy


Our cups are made of eco-friendly bioplastic. Because bioplastic is derived from a renewable resource—plants—our cups are sustainable. Plus, Smart Cups reduces the carbon footprint created by the added energy costs of transporting canned and bottled liquids.

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Cristina L.

I cannot say enough things about SmartCups. They have amazing and delicious flavors, while providing an energy kick that lasts all day. I highly recommend them for anyone looking for an alternative to typical energy drinks. I would repurchase
again and again.

Peyton T.

With three kids I am ALWAYS tired but never gave in to the typical energy drinks because the jitters are real! Smart Cup wakes me up better than coffee without the crash! They have surely gained a lifelong customer in me.

Brittany B.

Traded my morning tea with a smart cup for the last week, and was so amazed when I wasn’t tired halfway through the work day! More awake and more focused throughout
the day!

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Better Energy,
cup by cup

Our ten-pack pricing comes out to only $1.60 per 9-oz serving. That's comparable to your daily cup of coffee or grocery store energy drink.

Smart Cups SVG's
  • 5 PACK
  • 5 Servings
  • $11.99
  • $2.40 Per serving
Smart Cups SVG's
  • 10 PACK
  • 10 Servings
  • $15.99
  • $1.60 Per serving
Mallory Ervin

“These are literally changing our lives energy wise with like zero crash”

Shannon Ford

"What I love more than the taste, is the fact that it legitimately is giving me energy, like a cup of coffee"

Ashley Lyn

"It's the worlds first printed beverage! Look how cool that is!"


Smart Cups Technology™ is the name for the proprietary process that allows us to print active and flavor materials on the inside of the cup—which gives us the unique ability to deliver a precise mixture of ingredients in each and every beverage.

Simply fill the cup to the ridgeline at the top of the cup and watch the ingredients dissolve into the water.

We recommend that you wait until the ingredients are completely dissolved before enjoying.

We understand that taste is subjective. Fortunately, Smart Cups is customizable! If you don’t like your Smart Cups flavor, we suggest experimenting with other liquids like juice, tea or sparkling water. If that still doesn’t work for you, contact us at and we’ll help resolve the situation.

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