Smart Cups Technology

Smart Cups Technology™

The question comes up often - what is Smart Cups? Is it a beverage? Is it a technology? Is it a cup? Is it a drink? How do I charge it? How do I plug it into my computer?

Smart Cups can print beverage ingredients right inside of cups made out of eco-friendly bioplastic material. All you have to do is add water and let the drink mix itself. That's right! It mixes itself. All you have to do is sit back and let the drink fully dissolve in 45-90 seconds. We launched with a single line of functional beverages showcasing the functionality and versatility of what Smart Cups Technology™ can do. Soon we will be introducing NEW flavors and lines of beverages with different functions. Check out our Just Add Water Energy Drinks HERE


DRINK THE  FUTURE THE FUTURE OF SMART CUPS is unlimited. Hot or cold, flat or carbonated, our innovators are working hard on delivering the flavors of your favorite drinks, with the same great taste you have come to expect from traditional bottles, cans and cartons. Thanks to our proprietary Smart Cups Technology, the possibilities are endless.

Here’s just a short list of products our cups are set to deliver:

  • Sports Drinks
  • Coffees and Teas
  • Juices and Mixers
  • Water Purification


If you are a beverage company interested in applying Smart Cups Technology to your brand please contact our marketing team at